Retreat 2023

Park to immerse yourself in the world of Zen and the WuWei Temple.

Tiring, complicated life makes us physically and mentally exhausted. Feel the flow of real medieval village life at the the national park in the middle of nowhere with breathtaking views, calm down and let go of all the life problems.

Arribes del Duero Natural Park is located on the border of Spain and Portugal. The 100 km. canyon created by the River Duero opens you world of unique gorges and ravines. 

This is what attracts true silence lovers here, people who like to walk along the quiet medieval streets of Spanish towns and watch the breathtaking views of «Los Arribes» region.


Why to come:

  • daily Qi-Gong and Taijiquan;
  • studying complex “8 pieces of brocade” to improve health and calm mind;
  • outdoor workout with a lake and mountain views;
  • tea ceremonies and meditations;
  • calligraphy lessons;
  • immersion into Chinese culture;
  • healthy vegetarian food;
  • hiking and excursions;
  • strengthening and stretching tendons, muscles and general healing;
  • relaxing sauna and jacuzzi with a breathtaking view.


Olga WuWei received direct transmission of ancient knowledge from recognized Chinese Master, lived 6 years in China, 2 years at the mountain in WuWei Zen temple as a direct student of the Master, in order to bring eastern practices and philosophy of China to the West.

She has been practicing Qigong since she was 17 years old with various Masters. When she was 27 she sold her successful business and went to China to study Buddhism, Taijiquan and Kung-Fu at the Wu Wei Temple hidden from civilization. There she accepted Buddhism and became a direct student of the abbot of the temple and in the future a teacher who transfers her knowledge to foreign and Chinese students.

Over the years, she transferred knowledge in China to Chinese and foreign students, in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. Now she has hundreds of students from more than 20 countries around the world.


18th of February, Saturday
13:20 train from Porto to Pocinho (independently)
16:40 Pick-up at train Pocinho station (organized by us) 
18:00 Check-in to Orgullo Rural
19:00 Dinner
20:00 General Meeting and Tea Ceremony

19th of February – 24th of February, Sunday – Friday (6 days)
08:00 QiGong (45 mins)
09:00 Breakfast (in silence)
10:30 Baduanjing form (30 mins)
11:30 Tea Meditation (1 hour)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Sauna, jacuzzi, massage (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday)/ hiking (practice with a stone on the head, 2 times – Monday and Friday)/ excursion to the waterfall, small villages around (3 hours, Wednesday)
17:00 Afternoon snack
18:00 Taijiquan 
19:00 Dinner
20:30 Calligraphy lesson (1,5 hour)/ meditation, evening QiGong, self massage (35 mins)

25th of February, Saturday
08:00 Early Breakfast
09:00 Check-out from rooms
09:30 Transfer to Pocinho
11:08 Train from Pocinho (independently)

Workouts include stretching, standing, basic techniques, joint gymnastics, study of forms, breathing exercises, self-healing and self-massage practice.



The rural house with private spa 4* Orgullo Rural is located in Bermellar, a small town between the Camaces and Huebra rivers, in the heart of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park in Salamanca, one hour from Salamanca and three hours from Madrid.

The rural houses have a Private Thermal Cave and provide a relaxing stay and high doses of well-being:

  • Private pool, spa with jacuzzi, sauna, footbath and cold jet
  • Waterfalls, canyons, natural beaches, iron road
  • Fireplaces 
  • Bioclimatic stone and wood architecture.

Details →


€1850 per person – single standard room;
€1950 per person – single mountain/town view;
€2120 per person – single pool view.

– all activities throughout the day;
– tea ceremonies;
– calligraphy lessons;
– 7 nights / 8 days accommodation in the centre;
– local accommodation tax;
– hiking in the mountains with a guide and excursion;
– use of sauna and jacuzzi;
– 3-time vegetarian varied food + snacks;
– transfer from/to Pocinho;

Not included:
– massage and therapies;
– medical insurance (should be done in advance);
– flights to/from Porto, train Porto – Pocinho – Porto.

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